Our experiences are designed to offer you unforgettable encounters with our stunning birds of prey

Dedication to the well-being of our magnificent birds and our passion for fostering a deeper connection between humans and nature are at the heart of our mission.

Whether you're envisioning a captivating wedding, an exciting birthday party or a memorable event, we're here to bring these unique moments to life.

Each service pricing is flexible and varies based on the duration of each visit, which includes a range of 3 to 15 birds per event and a dedicated staff team of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 members, in addition to travel costs.

Join us on this remarkable journey, where our birds inspire wonder, empathy, and lasting connections. Explore the diverse range of experiences we offer, each tailored to cater to your unique needs and reach out today.

Hawk Walks

Experience the tranquil beauty of nature as you walk alongside hawks, forging a unique connection with these remarkable creatures

Amidst serene woodlands, embark on a leisurely stroll while hawks take flight from your hand, showcasing their grace. Engage in educational talks led by our knowledgeable guides, revealing the ins and outs of their natural habitats and behaviors.

You'll even have the extraordinary chance to feed these majestic birds, forging a personal connection. Beyond a mere walk, this is a genuine interaction with nature, offering tranquility and the thrill of engaging with these creatures, creating an unforgettable memory.

Corporate Events

Transform your team dynamics and corporate gatherings into unforgettable experiences by fostering connections that go beyond the boardroom

Set against a backdrop of tranquility, your corporate group will be captivated by the elegance of majestic birds of prey in action. Accompanied by our expert handlers, engage in enlightening discussions that unveil the intricacies of these creatures' habitats and behaviors.

Your team can hold, stroke and connect with these magnificent birds, creating an experience that combines the soothing embrace of nature with the thrill of personal interaction. Amidst this serene ambiance, inspiration and enduring memories await, etching a unique encounter in your corporate journey.


Elevate your wedding with a unique and captivating experience that defies convention yet leaves a lasting impression

Let us curate an unforgettable encounter as the ceremony transforms into the reception, infusing elegance and intrigue through our majestic birds. As an extraordinary touch, the bride and groom can enjoy a white glove experience, holding these regal creatures for enchanting photo moments.

Prepare for a memory that sets your wedding apart, resonating not only with you but also with your guests, creating cherished moments for years to come.

Birthday Parties

Add a dash of adventure to your birthday celebration, surrounded by fascinating creatures of nature's finest

From the tiniest tots to the young-at-heart, we're all about crafting unforgettable birthday magic. Our team ensures children are entertained, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free celebration.

We're dedicated to tailoring your event to your exact wishes. With an array of exciting themes, whether it's enchanting fairy tales or action-packed superhero adventures, we'll transform your vision into a party that will leave a lasting impression. Celebrating inclusivity, we warmly welcome and cater to all special needs, ensuring an enjoyable experience for every guest.

Customise Your Event

At Berkshire Birds of Prey, we take pride in accommodating a wide range of occasions

We're passionate about tailoring experiences to suit every need and occasion. Whether it's to evoke a sense of companionship amongst nature and birds, to celebrating a lifetime milestone or considering unique circumstances such as any form of disability, inclusivity and immersiveness is at the heart of what we do.

Share your thoughts and ideas and we'll curate an experience that celebrates your vision, ensuring everyone can take part. Your concept combined with our knowledge will shape an unforgettable journey that speaks to everyone.

Experience details:

Price varies with length of visit (plus travel costs)
From 3, to 15 birds per visit
Minimum 2 staff, 8 max

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Witness unforgettable memories that our clients have taken from our encounters

Explore this collection of pictures capturing the delight and thrill our clients encounters while interacting with our majestic birds of prey. These visuals offer a sneak peek into the extraordinary moments that await you and your guests during your exclusive experience.