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Brighten Care Homes Through the Presence of Our Majestic Birds of Prey

We understand the importance of providing meaningful and stimulating activities that cater to the unique needs and interests of each resident. Through the presence of our birds, residents have the opportunity to engage with nature and the beauty of these magnificent creatures.

The tactile experience of holding a bird on either a gloved arm or by the use of a mangler for certain individuals, evokes a sense of wonder and awe, allowing residents to reconnect with the world around them regardless of their abilities. We believe that these enriching experiences have the power to uplift spirits, stimulate memories, and promote a sense of purpose and well-being among residents.

Enriching Encounters

Immerse your residents in the grace of nature, creating connections with majestic birds that will enrich their memories

Our experiences are thoughtfully crafted to suit your specific preferences.

During each session, we introduce 3 to 15 birds, tailoring the visit to last around 2 to 3 hours based on your available space and resident count.

A dedicated team of 2 to 8 staff members will guide residents in engaging with these magnificent creatures, revealing insights into their habitats and behaviors.

We are committed to inclusivity, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can participate fully. For those who are unable to use a glove, we provide a special magler to offer them the chance to hold the birds. Our attentive staff will also make rounds to the rooms, ensuring that every resident has a cherished moment of interaction with our feathered friends.

We deeply understand the significance of meaningful interactions, especially for those in care homes. It's a heartfelt endeavor to enrich the lives of residents, creating moments of wonder, delight, and shared experiences.

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Don't Wait To Book

Reach out today to begin the planning process and bring joy and wonder to your care home

Ensure a comfortable and captivating environment by providing an ample hall or suitable facility to accommodate our magnificent birds of prey. This allows residents to observe their graceful flight and fosters a sense of wonder.

Our pricing is negotiable and tailored to meet your specific needs. Factors such as distance, staff requirements, and session duration are considered, ensuring a fair and transparent pricing structure.

We understand the uniqueness of each care home. Contact us to discuss your requirements, and our team will provide personalized quotes tailored to your budget and preferences.

Unforgettable Moments

Embark on a journey of heartwarming connections as you witness residents engaging with our magnificent birds of prey

Our interactions unveil candid instances filled with genuine smiles, laughter, and pure amazement. These are the authentic scenes that showcase the spontaneous joy our avian companions bring to your care home, ensuring that each moment tells a story of shared happiness and awe-inspiring wonder.